Monday, March 7, 2016

Running for Weight Loss

The more you run for pleasure, knowing that this activity also helps to maintain physical days is not bad either. Better: street racing can be an ally in eliminating belly fat. risk factor for cardiovascular disease, excess abdominal fat is not easy to be eliminated. However, runners have a powerful ally against the accumulated fat around the waist: the interval workouts, high intensity running mode after a brief rest. It is the activity that coaches put in their training spreadsheet with the function of increasing speed, explosion and consequently lower digits of the timer on the evidence, you can also melt the excess fat that insists to stay in your abdomen.

 This type of training is also indicated for the loss of belly because it triggers a series of specific responses of the body that no other type of workout can cause. They are characterized, for example, the heart rate variation, for biomechanical stimulation and the release of hormones that bind to receptors in the abdominal fatty tissue by stimulating the body to use this fat as an energy source. The main difference for moderate and continuous training is that they are responsible, mainly by the burning of peripheral fat, especially in the legs and arms, but with limited effect on the torso and belly, his biggest target.


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