Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Benning your Year

Another year beginning and, of course , every street racer has started to think what will be the challenges and goals for 2016. 
However , thinking alone is not enough to ensure that the athlete can achieve their goals and end the period exceeding their expectations. It is extremely important that he make an annual planning events calendar not to run the risk of being frustrated , or worse , end up injuring . Preparation time: Whatever the challenge that the athlete is thinking of doing in the first place , it is essential that it takes into account the preparation time for each distance . 

On average , we can say that for 5 km of evidence it takes at least 12 weeks ; for the 10 km, 20 weeks; and for the 21 km of at least 40 weeks noting that these limits take into account a routine practice for three weeks and may vary according to the athlete.


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