Friday, August 12, 2016


We all know that if we runners waited for perfect conditions most runs would never happen.  However, with that being said it is easy to use the weather as an excuse to skip your run.  It is important to remember that you cannot predict the weather on race day(says the girl who once ran an entire marathon in rain as streams of water started making their way across the roads) so training in different types of weather can be great practice in case you encounter similar situations on the big day.  Also, running in tough conditions builds up your mental running game which can be just as important to you training in many cases.  So, it is time to skip the excuses, suck it up, and get out there.


Too Hot -
Start off by wearing as little clothing as possible and then covering yourself in sunscreen. Next, toss on a hat/visor and sunglasses.  On really hot days it is all about hydration and listening to your body so even on shorter runs it is important to carry water with you.  The heat and humidity will slow your pace was down, let it, run by effort instead.  This means that if you are out for a long run forget about your long run pace and instead dial into what your long run effort usually feels like, don’t worry if it is slower than usual – it isn’t you, it is the heat.  Also, be sure to drink frequently and if at any point you feel weak, or dizzy stop running and walk it out.  One run is not worth it.

Too Cold -
In the cold it is all about layering.  Start with a base layer and continue to add on top until you will be comfortable for your run.  It is always better to have too many layers instead of not enough, because if you have too many you can just shed them while running or tie that extra jacket around your waist.  Also, be sure to have a hat and gloves to protect extra exposed skin.

Snowing -
Start off layering up just like you would do in the cold.  However, with the snow comes the new added issue of finding safe places to run.  Be very careful to find spots that have been plowed already, but that are not too icy.  You may even want to invest in a pair of YakTrax to strap onto your Mizunos for extra traction.

Raining -
Save a slightly older pair of shoes for days like today, that way they can get wet and muddy and have time to dry out without messing up your nice new shoes.  Wear form fitting clothes that way they won’t hang or bunch in strange places as they get wet.  Finally, top it all off with a great rain jacket like this Katara Packable Hoody.

Thunder and Lighting -

Okay, this one is your excuse.  Rain is one thing, but thunder and lightning are a different story.  Hit up the treadmill instead.

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