Friday, July 22, 2016

Yoga for Runners

Maybe you’re inspired to run to raise awareness for a cause that’s close to your heart, or perhaps it’s all about the personal challenge. Whatever your motivation for running a marathon is, one thing is certain— it’s a monumental, life-changing experience.
Training for a marathon is intense, taking place over the course of months or even years. From building base mileage to speed work, you will constantly be challenging and pushing your body to its limits.
It’s no surprise that many runners training for a marathon implement yoga into their cross training regimens. Yoga aids runners by increasing blood flow to overworked joints and muscles, promoting healing and making the most out of rest days. Yoga also stretches and strengthens the muscles of the legs, core and spine. Perhaps most surprisingly, yoga is a workout for the mind and helps instill a sense of determination that will definitely be crucial come race day.
Here are a few of our favorite yoga poses for runners. Try focusing on these postures next time you’re in a yoga class, and feel free to ask your instructor for pointers to nail them. Good luck snagging a PR at your next race!
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Warrior III
·       Stretches hamstrings and thighs
·       Expands chest and lungs
·       Improves balance and posture
Chair Pose
·       Strengthens thighs and ankles
·       Stretches Achilles tendons and shins
Crescent Lunge Twist
·       Stretches the legs and hips
·       Opens the chest, shoulders and arms
·       Improves balance and energy
·       Detoxes internal organs
Pyramid Pose
·       Strengthens and stretches hamstrings and shoulders
·       Builds balance and coordination
·       Therapeutic for flat feet
Forward Fold
·       Stretches hamstrings, calves and hips
·       Strengthens thighs and knees
Squat & Curl
·       Opens up vertebrae
·       Flushes out front of torso
High Plank
·       Improves core strength
·       Strengthens the arms and spine
Supine Figure Four
·       Stretches the hamstrings and quadriceps
·       Opens the hips
Half Splits
·       Stretches the hips, hamstrings, calves and low back
·       Strengthens the hamstrings

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